⚡️ What’s Coming Next?

Product Roadmap

22 May 2020

Unit iOS 1.8.3

⭐️ New features:
Updated drag & drop: you can now move elements inside a unit with a drag & drop gesture.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Updated user interface;
– Fixed a couple of minor bugs.

26 Apr 2020

Unit iOS 1.8.2

This update includes some minor performance and UI improvements.

12 Apr 2020

Unit iOS 1.8.1

– Added a quick note button;
– Improved audio-element performance;
– Other UI improvements.

30 Mar 2020

Unit iOS 1.8

⭐️ New features:
We have a brand new feature – Voice Memos!

This update has a lot of minor UI and performance improvements.

8 Feb 2020

Unit iOS 1.7.2

Improvements and bug fixes:
This update includes minor UI and sharing feature improvements.


30 Jan 2020

Unit iOS 1.7.1

⭐️ New features:
– Added markdown-style conversions from text to lists, headers and divider. For example, try to type ‘ – – – ‘ and ‘space’ or ‘1.’ and ‘space’.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug with Copy/Paste;
– Improved Landscape mode layouts;
– Other minor improvements.

8 Jan 2020

Unit iOS 1.7

⭐️ New features:
– A new user interface.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Better text editor performance;
– Improved Dark Mode;
– Better sharing screen performance;
– A new app icon;
– Fixed a bug with a white text on the white text field within the in-app chat;
– Resolved an issue with GIFs insert from the library;
– Other minor improvements.

25 Sep 2019

Unit iOS 1.6

⭐️ New features:
Unit for iOS 13 is here!

– New “Sign in with Apple” button. A very simple and private way to create an account;
– Updated Dark Mode. Now it’s integrated with iOS;
– Updated user interface.

12 Aug 2019

Unit iOS 1.5.3

Improvements and bug fixes:
– This update includes synchronization process improvements.

2 Jul 2019

Unit iOS 1.5.2

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed a couple of bugs with tags and files sync;
– Improved file-element insert – it inserts in the chosen cell;
– Resolved an issue with the content layout on the iPhone 5 with iOS 10;
– Other minor improvements.

28 Jun 2019

Unit iOS 1.5.1

⭐️ New features:
To make the content creation process easier we’ve added an additional menu to show all the elements available to insert. It’s a pretty convenient way to see all of them at once and choose the needed one.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed a couple of bugs with synchronization;
– Resolved an issue when the app could crash after tapping ‘Back’ button while typing;
– Other minor improvements.

21 Jun 2019

Unit iOS 1.5

⭐️ New features:
– H1, H2, H3 headings;
– Divider.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– New icons;
– Fixed a bug with “zero” image height;
– Resolved an issue when text could duplicate in the next line while typing;
– Other minor improvements.

28 May 2019

Unit iOS 1.4.2

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug with “jumping” toolbar;
– Resolved an issue with black text on the buttons;
– Other minor improvements.

22 May 2019

Unit iOS 1.4.1

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Added “Rate App” button;
– Fixed a bug with payments flow.

17 May 2019

Unit iOS 1.4

⭐️ New features:
– Paid functionality;
– Dark Mode.
Every user can now extend basic elements and storage limits and also get some other great additional features.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug when searchable text didn’t appear in the search results;
– Resolved issues with navigation bar;
– Improved sync;
– Updated Passcode screens UI;
– Updated in-app chat;
– Other minor improvements.

14 Mar 2019

Unit iOS 1.3

⭐️ New features:
– We added a special screen where users can overview all the units hierarchy at once and quickly open the selected unit;
– Now users can sign up directly with an email.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug when images didn’t show up in the content;
– Improved image-elements appearance;
– Resolved issues with text-elements which have a lot of characters;
– Other minor improvements.

21 Feb 2019

Unit iOS 1.2.3

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug with incorrect images and files addition;
– Improved text editor UI animations;
– Added ability to convert web bookmarks to text;
– Other minor improvements.

14 Feb 2019

Unit iOS 1.2.1

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed UI bugs in landscape mode;
– Resolved an issue with sync while reordering;
– Other minor improvements.

31 Jan 2019

Unit iOS 1.2

⭐️ New features:
– Unit for iPad;
– Landscape mode is available for both iPhone and iPad.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Resolved an issue where a deleted unit could still be found via search;
– Fixed minor bugs with images and passcode;
– Other minor improvements.

9 Jan 2019

Unit iOS 1.1.1

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Improved images & GIFs performance;
– Improved reminders functionality – (a) reminder notification now opens a corresponding unit; (b) notifications are showing up while you’re in the app;
– Resolved an issue with “Type text here” placeholder which could disappear in the empty unit;
– Fixed a bug where a unit name was erasing after user beginning to add an image;
– Fixed a bug with navigation bar which used to behave incorrectly after going back to the Home unit;
– Fixed a bug where images were overlapping text while scrolling;
– Fixed files synchronization problem – in some cases, files didn’t sync properly;
– Other minor improvements.

22 Dec 2018

Unit for iOS 1.0 in the App Store