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Product Roadmap

13 Oct 2022

Unit iOS 1.11.3

⭐️ This update brings two major improvements:
– Account deletion functionality – now if want to delete your account you can make it directly from the app, without contacting our support;
– Offline bookmarks – every web page you’ve bookmarked can be also saved directly to your account and be accessible whenever you need, even without the internet.

Also this update brings a lot of minor improvements.

10 Mar 2022

Unit iOS 1.11.2

⭐️ This update includes two main features:
– New action menu – better way to manage elements;
– To-dos progress bar – visual way to show how far you are from completing your goals.

Also this brings a lot of minor improvements:
– Improved UI
– Fixed a couple of bugs of audio element;
– Fixed a bug text to web bookmark conversion;
– Fixed a bug with rename feature.

8 Dec 2021

Unit iOS 1.11.1

⭐️ The main new feature of this update – bulk reordering.
You can now reorder, in other words, drag and drop, several elements at once. Just select any amount of elements you want and hold one of them to enter drag and drop mode.

Also this update brings iOS 15 compatibility and other improvements:
– Improved UI
– Fixed a bug with title on the audio toolbar
– Fixed a bug with undo popup

7 Oct 2021

Unit iOS 1.11

⭐️ This update includes a new great element – Location 📍🗺.

You can now add a map with any location to your content.

31 Aug 2021

Unit iOS 1.10.3

This update improves the stability of pictures and files storage.

5 May 2021

Unit iOS 1.10.2

This update improves starting tutorial experience.

2 May 2021

Unit iOS 1.10.1

⭐️ New features:
– Added Undo button to immediately bring back deleted elements;
– Added a new tutorial for first-time app users.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug that caused app crashes while adding a new element for accounts with elements limitations;
– Fixed some other minor bugs.

5 Apr 2021

Unit iOS 1.10

⭐️ New features:
– Amazing improvement of add-new-element experience – now it’s possible to drag and drop Add button to any place in the content to create a new element there;
– To-do list update – you can now choose what to do with ticked items.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Improved UI;
– Fixed some minor bugs.

21 Feb 2021

Unit iOS 1.9.5

⭐️ New features:
– New Search screen;
– To-do list improvement – checked item goes to the end of the list.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Improved UI.

9 Jan 2021

Unit iOS 1.9.4

This update includes image-element improvements:
– Now you can add several images from the library at once;
– Images shows up faster;
– Better image viewer.

12 Dec 2020

Unit iOS 1.9.3

Fixed bugs and improved performance.

18 Nov 2020

Unit iOS 1.9.2

Fixed a critical bug that caused synchronization problems.

25 Oct 2020

Unit iOS 1.9.1

Fixed a bug that caused the app crashes on iOS 12.

21 Oct 2020

Unit iOS 1.9

⭐️ New features:
It’s finally happened. We’ve released a big update with a long-awaited feature – Trash for deleted elements.
Now every deleted element could be found in Trash and be restored if needed.

Also, this update is fully compatible with iOS 14.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– New amazing selection gesture (to apply actions to elements) – you can now select an element using left swipe and select multiple elements swiping up/down after the left swipe;
– Improved synchronization – fewer bugs, faster speed;
– A lot of small bug fixes;
– A lot of UI improvements.

6 Jun 2020

Unit iOS 1.8.4

Improvements and bug fixes:
In this version we’ve improved sharing to the Unit app. Now it’s possible to share several pictures or files to the app in one sharing window.

22 May 2020

Unit iOS 1.8.3

⭐️ New features:
Updated drag & drop: you can now move elements inside a unit with a drag & drop gesture.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Updated user interface;
– Fixed a couple of minor bugs.

26 Apr 2020

Unit iOS 1.8.2

This update includes some minor performance and UI improvements.

12 Apr 2020

Unit iOS 1.8.1

– Added a quick note button;
– Improved audio-element performance;
– Other UI improvements.

30 Mar 2020

Unit iOS 1.8

⭐️ New features:
We have a brand new feature – Voice Memos!

This update has a lot of minor UI and performance improvements.

8 Feb 2020

Unit iOS 1.7.2

Improvements and bug fixes:
This update includes minor UI and sharing feature improvements.


30 Jan 2020

Unit iOS 1.7.1

⭐️ New features:
– Added markdown-style conversions from text to lists, headers and divider. For example, try to type ‘ – – – ‘ and ‘space’ or ‘1.’ and ‘space’.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug with Copy/Paste;
– Improved Landscape mode layouts;
– Other minor improvements.

8 Jan 2020

Unit iOS 1.7

⭐️ New features:
– A new user interface.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Better text editor performance;
– Improved Dark Mode;
– Better sharing screen performance;
– A new app icon;
– Fixed a bug with a white text on the white text field within the in-app chat;
– Resolved an issue with GIFs insert from the library;
– Other minor improvements.

25 Sep 2019

Unit iOS 1.6

⭐️ New features:
Unit for iOS 13 is here!

– New “Sign in with Apple” button. A very simple and private way to create an account;
– Updated Dark Mode. Now it’s integrated with iOS;
– Updated user interface.

12 Aug 2019

Unit iOS 1.5.3

Improvements and bug fixes:
– This update includes synchronization process improvements.

2 Jul 2019

Unit iOS 1.5.2

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed a couple of bugs with tags and files sync;
– Improved file-element insert – it inserts in the chosen cell;
– Resolved an issue with the content layout on the iPhone 5 with iOS 10;
– Other minor improvements.

28 Jun 2019

Unit iOS 1.5.1

⭐️ New features:
To make the content creation process easier we’ve added an additional menu to show all the elements available to insert. It’s a pretty convenient way to see all of them at once and choose the needed one.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed a couple of bugs with synchronization;
– Resolved an issue when the app could crash after tapping ‘Back’ button while typing;
– Other minor improvements.

21 Jun 2019

Unit iOS 1.5

⭐️ New features:
– H1, H2, H3 headings;
– Divider.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– New icons;
– Fixed a bug with “zero” image height;
– Resolved an issue when text could duplicate in the next line while typing;
– Other minor improvements.

28 May 2019

Unit iOS 1.4.2

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug with “jumping” toolbar;
– Resolved an issue with black text on the buttons;
– Other minor improvements.

22 May 2019

Unit iOS 1.4.1

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Added “Rate App” button;
– Fixed a bug with payments flow.

17 May 2019

Unit iOS 1.4

⭐️ New features:
– Paid functionality;
– Dark Mode.
Every user can now extend basic elements and storage limits and also get some other great additional features.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug when searchable text didn’t appear in the search results;
– Resolved issues with navigation bar;
– Improved sync;
– Updated Passcode screens UI;
– Updated in-app chat;
– Other minor improvements.

14 Mar 2019

Unit iOS 1.3

⭐️ New features:
– We added a special screen where users can overview all the units hierarchy at once and quickly open the selected unit;
– Now users can sign up directly with an email.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug when images didn’t show up in the content;
– Improved image-elements appearance;
– Resolved issues with text-elements which have a lot of characters;
– Other minor improvements.

21 Feb 2019

Unit iOS 1.2.3

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug with incorrect images and files addition;
– Improved text editor UI animations;
– Added ability to convert web bookmarks to text;
– Other minor improvements.

14 Feb 2019

Unit iOS 1.2.1

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Fixed UI bugs in landscape mode;
– Resolved an issue with sync while reordering;
– Other minor improvements.

31 Jan 2019

Unit iOS 1.2

⭐️ New features:
– Unit for iPad;
– Landscape mode is available for both iPhone and iPad.

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Resolved an issue where a deleted unit could still be found via search;
– Fixed minor bugs with images and passcode;
– Other minor improvements.

9 Jan 2019

Unit iOS 1.1.1

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Improved images & GIFs performance;
– Improved reminders functionality – (a) reminder notification now opens a corresponding unit; (b) notifications are showing up while you’re in the app;
– Resolved an issue with “Type text here” placeholder which could disappear in the empty unit;
– Fixed a bug where a unit name was erasing after user beginning to add an image;
– Fixed a bug with navigation bar which used to behave incorrectly after going back to the Home unit;
– Fixed a bug where images were overlapping text while scrolling;
– Fixed files synchronization problem – in some cases, files didn’t sync properly;
– Other minor improvements.

22 Dec 2018

Unit for iOS 1.0 in the App Store