One place for all your notes

Unit is a note-taking app that provides a new experience for managing all your notes.
It’s is great for organizing different information and building your personal knowledge base.

Capture everything

Texts, lists, to-dos, images, files, voice memos, web bookmarks and more.

Stay organized

Nested elements, tags, favorites, color coding.

Arrange content

Drag & drop to reorder and arrange any content.


We backup your data, so you can access it anytime.

Offline mode

Works without internet.


Stay on top of things.

Dark mode

Come to the dark side.

Available for iOS. More platforms to come.

Mac app is coming in 2024.

…and also try Zen

Zen is a distraction-free web text editor made by Unit team.
It stores all the data locally in your browser.
It’s completely free.